Metal Seated

The bonnet type Gate Valves have a revolving non-rising stem, provided with a functional thread which is inside the valve chamber.
During the operation, stem revolves in the stem nut which carries along a flexible wedge. Due to its design, low torque values are achieved which eases the revolving of the stem.
The stem is locked against axial movement by a bonnet nut threaded to the bonnet, and no axial movement occurs in the specified conditions.
The wedge is guided in the body in a precast groove and provides an undisturbed water flow when the valve is open.
The body and the wedge have pressed-in/ threaded sealing seat to have drip tight sealing when the valve is closed.
Nominal Size 
Nominal Pressure 
Face to Face 
EN558-1 Series 14-15-3 
(DIN 3202 F4-F5-BS)
Cap Top
Extension Spindle
Electrical Actuator
Bypass Valve
Position Indicator
Drain Plug
Jacking Screw
Wedge Guide
Body Material Options 
Ductile Iron 
Carbon Steel 
Stainless Steel 
Nickel Aluminum Bronze
Flange Standards 
EN 1092/2
BS 4504